lips like candy

Happy Birthday, Yamapi~~~!

it was fun trending Pi on twipple and nice to see the efforts of all his fans were repaid (bc there was a moment when we thought he didn't make it >.<) ^______^

^Pi gets a golden ribbon~ :D

so you won't say i didn't do anything for his birthday, this isn't much but it's better than nothing :P

お誕生日おめでとう 山P!!!

jya, i'm off to sleep! oyachumi~~~

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haven't posted in weeks. i do that a lot, hehe. just wanna post some scans (thanks to my fb friend who always tags me hehe, credits on the pic) because i'm not using my laptop and i wanna save them somehow.


TEGOMASS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! they're so cuteeeeee

love Massu's hair and Tego's glasses~ *___*
lips like candy

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who do you want to spend Valentine's with? me, it's with this guy :3

even if he'll probably just play soccer the whole time XD

 he can easily make it up to me with just one song~

Happy Hearts Day minna~!

jya~ *off to sleep*

kokuhaku, etc

watched Kokuhaku (Confessions) at 6 in the morning when i really should be getting some sleep. it was worth it though, as i found the film just amazing. it's probably one of the best japanese films i've seen so far! it's a story about a middle-school teacher whose daughter was killed by two of her students, and also makes you realize just how cunning and evil kids these days can be. it was a really thought out plan to avenge her daughter's death with unremorseful boys and the protection of juvenile law against her. the explosive ending is just so perfect! hats off to the boys who played Student A and Student B. they were just both brilliant!!! great soundtrack too! i especially love the children's song at the beginning, at the end-of-term ceremony, and the Radiohead song. now i feel like watching it again~

here's a couple of caps from the movie (bcoz i have reasons why there are only two XD)

Moriguchi: " Spending your every moment thinking about marrying a Johnny’s Jr.” (unexpected, but i love this line XD i also saw  AKB48, Student B being an AKB fan, but i didn't bother making caps :P)  

and this!!! o.o this was more unexpected! (lol i swear yaoi's following me everywhere. i also saw a similar scene when i watched Scott Pilgrim vs The World XD) though it's a great way to stop bullies >:D

the kid who played Shuuya a.k.a. Student A (who seems to me a cross between Kamiki Ryunosuke and Yamada Ryosuke) also played Ciel Phantomhive in the Kuroshitsuji musical. i don't know much about Kuroshitsuji but i remember my fondness for Vincent Phantomhive :3 i have thought about watching the anime back then.

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Deka Wanko caps

aside from this episode being my favorite so far, i'm glad i got to make quite some caps (although there were times i couldn't as i'm in the act of eating a mouthful of noodles XDD)

i love this. despite his facepaint getting ruined, it somehow made him look sexy XD

some Kirishima caps ^__^

piggyback rides and arms linking. and Kirishima's smile *____* i'm officially envious of Ichiko.

plus i'm trying to memorize TegoMass' Aoi Bench. i hope my cousin would be okay to make a cover of this with me. but darn, i'm having a hard time with the harmony. TegoMass, tasukete~~~!


i saw this post in arama yesterday, but i didn't feel like looking into it :P but my friend i was talking to on ym gave me the link so okay :P

LMAO Tegoshi, you're the only one who got compared to a GIRL!!! and you're even more prettier than her XDD
i agree with #9 and #8. they really do look alike~
#1 was a total win!!! i’ve always seen the resemblance between Junno and Changmin (and Jerry Yan XD)
Yamapi looks waaaaaaay better imo, especially if you've seen Kim Hyun Joong before his nose surgery, no offense meant to SS501 bcoz i like them, plus they're NEWS fans too. i just think that Yamapi has the nicest nose i've ever seen.
my baby Jiyoung is there with the pretty Nozomi Sasaki!

i'm excited for this sunday. i'm invited to dinner at the L'Fisher Hotel's L'Sea restaurant, thought i don't know what occasion i was invited to lol maybe she's celebrating her b-day early since the actual one falls on a school day? i'm not really sure since we're not really close friends. she's actually a classmate of my cousin, a KAT-TUN fan, and i've only been to the korean ktv and japanese ktv with her once XD but i'm glad we're gonna go to japanese ktv again after the dinner :D i miss singing NEWS songs~~

oh and i love Yui's new song Your Heaven <3
lips like candy

wishful thinking

my friend/imouto vie-chan (thewindchime) wrote me another drabble YAAAAAAAAAAY~ i really reaaaaaaaally loved this one :DD this time from my prompt 'hitchhiking' :)

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sigh, i wish the trip would go on forever~
this totally cheered me up! she knew i was feeling a bit down bcoz of something Tegoshi-related, and she definitely knows how to make me feel better. why am i so blessed with such a nice sister in the fandom? i can't get enough of her writing~~ now i'm going to bed with a smile on my face :)))
and here are 5 more drabbles she wrote for my b-day (i posted this on my other acct and decided i'd post it here too :P), all of which described me perfectly. she knows me too well :D

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i love you, vie-chan~ thanks for always being such a nice sister *hugs*
and my love for stop motion animation is growing:

Gloomy Valentine. gloomy (and a bit scary in the end) but i loved it!

[Gloomy Valentine tells the story of a woman driven mad by loss of love. Weaving the lyrical with the monstrous the film is aesthetically influenced by gothic surrealism. Isabel Peppard the film's director and lead animator says "Gloomy is haunted by the memory of love and in the end she is consumed by nightmarish shadows."]

deka wankoooo~

i hate it when i have something i've been looking forward to to watch and i forget on the day it airs. just like today. i almost entirely forgot Deka Wanko's first episode was today *acck* which resulted to me only watching the 2nd half of it. meaning i wasn't able to see drunk-and-shirtless Tegoshima T________________T

good thing someone shared a cap:

wth. the guy looked like he was about to rape Tegoshi and Tegoshi is in his rape-able mode LOLOL
it's less disturbing when i imagine it's Ryo *RyoTego-addict* XDD
although Ryo's body is waaaaaaaaaaaay hotter than that guy :P

and some TegoMika caps (sorry for my crappy caps, blame it on keyhole :P)

Ichiko holding Kirishima's arm kyaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa i like :3

it was nice to see the drama being a hot topic on twipple :))

i finished watching The Maid today. it was a Singaporean movie but it starred our very own Alessandra De Rossi. i kept wondering if maybe i had lost my immunity from all the horror stuff bcoz i kept pausing the movie LOL maa, maybe it's just bcoz i haven't watched ghost movies in a while. i was fine with vampires and zombies though zombies will always have me feeling uncomfortable bcoz they are the ones most likely to happen for real, with all these virus theories. the zombie movie i watched most recently was the one with Mena Suvari and Nick Cannon, i forgot the title and i only watched it last week, haha. the vampire movie i watched most recently was Daybreakers which starred Ethan Hawke (one of my crushes since Gattaca and Great Expectations) and Sam Neill. i quite liked it, not the typical vampire movie. and the twist in the end was nice. at least the vampires could turn into humans again :D

Cinderella's Sister is going to air here. that's good! it's on my list of dramas to watch and i won't have to watch it online anymore. Moon Geun Young~ and Chun Jung Myung<3

and i'm addicted to this video/song right now <3

this has been my LSS for 9 days now :3

i think that's all for now. *back to watching The Family Man' and all her stop-animation movies*

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ughhh. my head huuuuurts. emptied my room today. why do i have so much stuff??? and part 2 of cleaning tomorrow. i'm so not looking forward to it. it's the one chore that i hate doing the most, because of my allergies =__=
so tonight i'll be sleeping in the living room. i want ample time for airing my room. i don't mind at all, it's near the computer XD

what's this new zodiac thingy?? i don't like it at all. i've gone from being under Sagittarius to Opiuchus (the new sign). yadaaaaaaaaaa i wanna stay a Sagittarian. i love being a Sagittarian -____-
and my Scorpio boys (Ryo & Tego) are not Scorpios anymore -_-

and i've used up all of my accumulated coffee looking for one freaking evidence in CSI: Crime City =_=
but i still love playing it :P

i saw Pi's Hadakanbo PV last night. still haven't had the time to cap or dl it though. i think i like his new PV more than the One in a million PV.  i love his outfits, but him being topless is even better XD it seems like Pi was actually having fun in it, plus he looks GORGEOUS *kyaaaaaaaaaaa*

i finally dled all the episodes of Junjou Romantica Season 2. i wonder if i'm gonna go into a crying spell all over again. that drama has a way of making me cry, A LOT. and i'm not even this emotional when i watched 1 Litre of Tears or Ryo's Niini no koto wo wasurenaide XD idk, i think i'm inlove with Nowaki *hides from Hiroki* XD

and chibis are so cute!!! esp chibi Hiroki x Nowaki <3
also Akihiro x Misaki couple remind me of RyoTego (just look at Usagi imposing himself on Misaki) XDD which is maybe another reason why i love the anime :D

and Tegoshi's drawing of Subaru:

It looks exactly like me. Yeah. He did a good job

This drawing of Subaru-kun is the best one out of all the people I’ve drawn so far! Seriously! I looked at him for 1 month when we were doing ‘DREAM BOYS’. At Subaru-kun. I think that it would probably be 95 points. The hair is long though, that’s because it’s Subaru-kun from ‘DREAM BOYS’. (credits)

lmao Subaru why are you lying so nice??? that's such a hideous drawing *bricked*